Lenart Mlinar

Lenart Mlinar, also known as ev3rlost is a Slovenian drummer, painter, webdeveloper, dental assistant by trade, a metalhead by heart and known as the former drummer of bands such as Wartune, Plains Of Despair, The Pattern, Scepsis and Endeavoured.

Having been playing drums for over 20 years, Lenart finished creating his drum recording studio in late 2019, making it his second office apart from his daily job as a dental assistant.

Besides being a passionate metal drummer, Lenart is also known as a painter - having already four exhibitions in his resume. Being a self-taught full-stack webdeveloper in his spare time and his love for designing and writing code is just another thing he enjoys doing.

Lenart is currently focusing on recording drum covers from various bands, publishing them on his website and Youtube channel every week.

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